Thinking about accounting, but hoping to avoid tax-related jobs? Consider these 5 fun careers

If you’re into the idea of taxes, cool! But they’re not for everyone

A woman at her laptop. (Photo by Marek Levak from Pexels)

When you hear someone say that he or she is an accountant, do you think of taxes right away?

Many accountants do prepare taxes for clients, however, not everyone who has a degree in accounting specializes in tax accounting.

Maybe you’ve always been good with numbers and have even considered accounting at one time or another, but you assumed that all accountants must deal with taxes. Fortunately, there are some amazing careers out there. You have options!

How about a job in ...


Did you realize that there are many opportunities for accountants in the entertainment industry?

Accountants in the entertainment industry provide financial assistance to actors, studios and production companies. Also, the entertainment industry has many awards shows throughout the year, such as the Oscars and the GRAMMYs. Professional accountants in the entertainment industry receive and correctly calculate the winners in each category.


If you have a degree in accounting, you may choose to go into law enforcement and even work for the FBI. The Federal Bureau of Investigation needs accountants to work on cases of suspected money laundering and fraud. Criminals often turn to money laundering to hide the origin of their illegally obtained income. Top accountants analyze the financials in these cases and bring the money laundering and fraud to light.

Or as a public official

Perhaps public service is something that is fulfilling to you.

Public officials are responsible for managing the public funds under their jurisdiction. Accountants have the background and ability to accurately and appropriately manage those funds.

An environmental accountant

If you’re concerned about the environment, you may enjoy a career as an environmental accountant.

As an environmental accountant, you can work for private firms or government agencies. An environmental accountant can specialize in several different areas and focuses on the costs and economics associated with environmental actions and policies.

Working as an IT specialist

Are you interested in computers as well as accounting?

The field of Information Technology needs accountants to create electronic storage for the multitude of financial data produced by individual companies. Using your skills in both accounting and information technology can make becoming an IT specialist a rewarding career choice.

A career in accounting encompasses more than just taxes. In addition, your degree options are varied. You can obtain a great accounting career with a two-year associate’s degree or take your education further to a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree.

With job options spanning from environmental agencies to the FBI, we’re sure you can find the right fit.

This story was first published in 2020. It has since been updated.