Teen builds working backyard roller coaster

17-year-old Sammy Trechak’s ‘Shadow Stalker’ opened in May

EAST BRUNSWICK, NJ. – A New Jersey teen is taking his passion for roller coasters to new heights, building one in his very own backyard.

Like something straight out of “Ed, Edd n Eddy,” 17-year-old Sammy Trechak said he and his friends have spent the last year building “Shadow Stalker” behind his New Brunswick abode. The group goes by Built To Thrill, pledging on its website to be “constantly looking to bring the future of backyard roller coasters to life.”

The ride is 102 feet long and has a 10-foot drop, with trains that seat one row of two passengers side by side. According to News 12 New Jersey, the wooden coaster is actually the high schooler’s third.

“I actually did my very very first one when I was in fifth grade, and then my dad had mentioned, like, ‘All right, it’s time to build a new one,’” Trechak said.

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Tickets were on sale last month for the scheduled May 13 opening day of Shadow Stalker, with promotional material going up on Built To Thrill’s YouTube channel.

Though it’s unclear from here how long the ride will be open to the paying public, the group says it’s always looking for clients interested in personalized backyard roller coasters, as well as for other enthusiasts to help along.

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