Results 2022: Flagler County’s half-cent school tax renewal proposal passes

Half-cent sales tax renewal used to raise funds to directly support Flagler County schools


FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. – Flagler County residents approved the continuation of a half-cent school tax referendum which aims to help fund school improvement projects within the district.

The half-cent sales tax measure, which was first approved in 2002 and renewed again by Flagler County voters in 2012, is not new and has been used to raise funds to directly support Flagler County schools for the past 20 years.




100% of Precincts Reporting

(25 / 25)


Shall the Flagler County School Board continue to levy a one-half cent sales surtax, beginning January 1, 2023, for a period

of ten years, to finance all school technology upgrades, retrofitting, equipping, and improvements (including but not limited

to safety and security); school and facility construction, renovation, and remodeling; procuring and maintaining school

buses; land acquisition and improvement; and allowable uses for eligible charter schools receiving their proportionate

share of revenues based on district enrollment?

Flagler County Schools said the half-cent sales tax will finance “all school technology upgrades, improve safety and security within the district, renovate classrooms, and improve operational efficiency.”

The district said the referendum is set to raise about $8 million a year for the next decade, resulting in about $80 million being poured into education in Flagler County over 10 years.

Unlike in previous years, the proposal would also benefit charter schools within the county.

In Flagler County, the sales tax currently sits at approximately 7%, which is where it will remain if this half-cent tax is continued.

The half-cent sales tax will now continue for the next 10 years starting on Jan. 1, 2023.

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