What Christmas present do you remember most from childhood?

Tyco's Tickle Me Elmo doll, a once-popular toy that was in short supply for Christmas demand. (James Keyser, Getty Images)

We don’t know about you, dear readers, but Christmas gives us all those warm, fuzzy feelings: Of years past, of childhood, and all the magic that goes hand in hand with the holiday season.

When I was probably ... age 6? 8? 10? (I don’t know), I was *dying* to receive this mermaid doll, and when you squeezed her stomach, she sang a song. She was intended to be used in the water, and I remember thinking that if Santa brought me that doll, I’d play with her EVERY day for the rest of my life.

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First of all, it was so hard to get her song to play -- I did get the gift, which you’ve probably gathered by now, but I remember practically jumping on her to get it to work. 🤣 All in all, I’m sure I played with the thing for a few weeks, then promptly forgot about it until my mom donated the toy or we just plain threw it out.

Great story, huh? Maybe you’re able to share something a little more inspiring!

Is there a gift you longed for? What was it, and better yet, what year do you think this was? Was the present something trendy, or was it a family keepsake with sentimental value?

Whatever your answers are, we’d love to hear them. Even if you’re a parent and you’re the one who bought a particularly memorable present, we’ll take your responses!

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